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Creating memorable events are not accidental but are designed for distinction. SIX DEGREES of COLLABORATION masterfully manages from A to Z the smallest to largest detail to bring our client’s vision to life.

Event Planning & Management
SDOC understands that event planning can be very stressful. Our goal is to engage, inspire and create your next memorable experience. Our team of professionals will turn your dreams into reality from cradle to grave. We revel in our ability to produce high-quality meetings and events that provides a space for appreciation.


SDOC services include:


  • Develop theme

  • Establishing timelines

  • Selecting and reserving the event sites

  • Acquiring permits

  • Planning food and beverage

  • Coordinating

  • Transportation

  • Budgeting

  • Arranging for activities

  • Selecting Speakers and keynotes

  • Arranging for equipment and facilities

  • Managing risk

  • Developing contingency plans

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