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Changing times require solution providers equipped with new perspectives and approaches to current and future challenges that entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations encounter. SDOC excels in identifying strategic opportunities for clients to cultivate partnerships or other commercial relationships including establishing new markets for its products or services.

Small Business Services

Every new, startup or small business is in need of business services. SDOC understands that the process can be daunting and confusing based on the needs of the organization and the type. We help to identify what is needed based on the stage the organization is in. Whether it’s getting the proper formation for the organization, the proper permits or licenses based on the industry of the business. We help to get you off the ground, keep you running efficiently or help make any corrections necessary to keep you in Compliance with government laws and regulations. Bring awareness on how to build a strong financial infrastructure. Beginning with bookkeeping processes. Provide information on how to set up an accounting system. Strategic planning that is aligned with the capabilities and operations of an organization to target the desired audience. This includes teaching networking techniques, outreach, and researching tools and organizations that supports an organization craft.

Business Management of Operations
Everything that happens within a company is crucial to driving operational and service excellence. Because SDOC has a proven track record of being entrepreneurs, business owners, educators and corporate professionals, we can assess business infrastructure and practices to ensure they are aligned across department teams and create scalable processes. This encompasses the following:


  • Strategic Planning

  • Analysis of total operations for efficiencies

  • Audits

  • Request for proposal (RFP)

  • IT/Systems

  • Supply chain management

  • Inventory management

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